Workshop - Promoting yourself and your research

A lot of hard work and time goes into conducting research. And then more time and work goes into publishing the results. And yet sadly many papers are never read and many findings are never translated into practice.

It's tempting to think that if you are clever and work hard then people will notice and shower you with rewards. Tempting but probably not true. As well as being clever and working hard you also need to be able to promote yourself and your research.

In this workshop you will learn strategies for:

  • Developing a communication strategy
  • Pitching your message to the your audience
  • How to make it accessible without dumbing down
  • Dealing with media and using new media
  • Developing your one minute pitch
  • Asking for what you want
  • Using convincing language
  • Self promotion
  • Networking, mentoring and collaborating
  • Putting yourself in the spotlight
  • Dealing with the discomfort of it all

Who is it for?

Researchers and research students.


2 hours

Maximum numbers