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ThinkWellâ„¢ uses the latest psychological and educational research to develop workshops and materials to assist high performers to achieve maximum productivity.

We work extensively with doctors, academics, PhD students, CEOs and many others to assist them to:

  • manage their time more effectively and perform better
  • set goals and achieve them
  • think more clearly and make better decisions
  • understand the attributes and behaviours of high performers
  • reduce stress
  • achieve sustainability in their career
  • learn how to evaluate and deal with emotions
  • feel more content and confident
  • spend more time with their family and those who matter


University Events 2014

13-14th February Bond University
2-4th March University of New England
19-20th March University of South Australia
24th March University of South Australia
31-2nd April LaTrobe University
07th April Flinders University
28-02nd May Charles Darwin University
02nd May University of South Australia
06th May Flinders University
08th May University of South Australia
16th May University of South Australia
22nd May University of South Australia
26-30th May University of Newcastle
02-04th June Flinders University
06th June University of South Australia
10-12th June Griffith University
16-17th June Flinders University
07-11th July James Cook University
15th July Flinders University
17-18th July University of South Australia
24-25th July University of Canberra
06th August University of South Australia
07th August University of South Australia
15th August University of South Australia
18-22nd August University of Newcastle
02 September Flinders University
08-12th September Charles Darwin University
11th September University of South Australia
22-26th September Murdoch University
13-14th October Flinders University
20-24th October Murdoch University
27-29th October LaTrobe University
14th November University of South Australia
17th November University of South Australia
1-5th December James Cook University
27-28th February Victoria University of Wellington
6-7th May Victoria University of Wellington
26-27th August Victoria University of Wellington
25-26th November Victoria University of Wellington

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Latest news

November 2013 - Feburary 2014 On the Move
From October to December 2013 Hugh will be based at the University of Manchester in the UK. He will be working with staff there to support them in their teaching and research. And in January and February 2014 he will be running workshops in Ireland, the UK, Canada and the USA.

October 2013 Essential new book for PhD students
If you are doing a PhD you need a plan and our new book, Planning Your PhD, provides all the tools you need to finish your PhD on time. Available for sale from our online bookshop.

September 2013 New Time For Research book
We have done a complete re-write of this book and it now includes everything researchers, academics and PhD students need to know to increase research productivity

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We recently had three commentaries published in Nature. Access them here:

Waiting for the motivation fairy.

Turbocharge your writing today.

The care and maintenance of your adviser.


ThinkWell™ has put together a series of books to assist a range of professions and positions, including doctors, academics, PhD students, CEOs and many other occupational groups.

These books are available via our online bookshop.